About Us

Mundi – from “mundus” (Latin) – means  the world, the Universe, the Cosmos, and thus the immeasurable and freedom.

The band was formed in 2017 in Wrocław, Poland to combine the total mutual inspirations and artistic experiences with the intention to create unique, moving, and the sensitivity of words and the message.

In July 2020, Mundinova’s first studio album “W drodze” (English: On the Road) has been released, featuring Mundi Art, with guest appearance by Dariusz Kaliszuk (drums, percussion) and Mateusz Szemraj (oud, rubab, baglama).

Adam Baruch about the album:

The music is a wonderful Jazz-World Fusion project, with splendid themes beautifully weaved and excellently executed by the trio and guests. Although song oriented, the music offers unusual accompaniment performed basically just by bass and guitar, which again portrays the tendency towards minimalism so characteristic of Polish Jazz in 2019

…the album offers plenty of wonderful music, a rich variety of moods and melodic worlds, brilliant instrumental performances, all this in a pleasant, highly focused atmosphere, which makes listening a truly joyful ride. There is no pretentious slickness, no trying to sound somebody else, just some wonderful, straight-to-the-heart musical message. Brilliant stuff!”

/Adam Baruch, The soudndtrack of my life/.

The artists performed in Germany, Ireland (Galway Jazz Festival), Norway (at the invitation of the Stella Polaris theater). They also performed at two renowned festivals in Poland: the Literature Festival and the Between Theater in Bytów and the Generator of Hope Festival in Gardzienice.

In 2018, the band received the first prize at the Bass & Beat Festival in Wrocław and an award for the composition “On the way” during the festival “Wschody” in Lublin in 2019.

Mundinova is also the author of the music for the radio play “Odra connects us, and what she tells us”, dir. Karolina Krawiec. Currently, the musicians are working on music for the radio play “Legends of Roztocze Region”, dir. Dorota Kołodziej, inspired by the indigenous folk music of the eastern region of Poland.

Mundinova members base their creation on constantly expanding, and crossing the boundaries of imagination, while focusing on performance craftsmanship and expression. Individual instruments are often treated as separate melodic lines in a common sound, and the leitmotifs of a given song are springboards for individual, and unique improvisations. During concerts, it is important for the band to be in close contact with the audience and to be present during the journey through words and sounds.

The team consists of:

Dorota Kołodziej

Pict. Mirek Emil Koch

Vocalist and theater actress. Since 2010, she has been closely associated with the iconic Gardzienice theater , where as an actress the protagonist creates vocal and acting roles in all performances directed by Włodzimierz Staniewski on stages in Poland and in the World  (Polish Theater in Warsaw, Universal Theater in Warsaw, National Old Theater in Krakow, Teatr Wybrzeże in Gdańsk, National Opera in Tehran, Gesher Theater in Tel Aviv, amphitheaters in Greece and Spain). In March 2017, she was awarded the Medal of the Marshal of the Lublin Province on the occasion of the International Theater Day for special services to Culture. Parallel to the theatrical work, she was mainly associated with the music community from Wrocław and the Tri-City. She also works with the Golden Gate String Quartet from Gdansk.

Marzena Cybulka

Pict.Mirek Emil Koch

Bass guitarist, double bass player. A graduate of undergraduate studies at the Music Academy of K. Szymanowski in Katowice in the bass guitar class of Adam Kowalewski. A graduate of the 2nd degree Wroclaw Jazz and Popular Music School in the bass guitar class of Tomasz Grabowy. In 2007, she started working at the Capitol Music Theater in Wrocław, playing for the performance “Operetka” (Dir. Michał Zadara, music. Leszek Możdżer). This cooperation soon expanded to include further productions. In 2009, together with the cast of “Operetka”, she participated in the Live Arts Festival in Philadelphia. She has collaborated with such artists as: Leszek Możdżer, Mike Russel, Artur Lesicki, Małgorzata Ostrowska, Mateusz Ziółko, Kasia Wilk, Felicjan Jędrzejczak, Igor Herbut, Robert Janowski. She collaborates with the Silesian Art Collective Chamber Orchestra.


Michał Wilczyński

Pict. Mirek Emil Koch

Guitarist and co-author of music in: Girls On Fire, Ad Spectatores Theater, PerFormacja. He regularly perfoms concerts and co-creates musical events in Wrocław, among others such as: Zaucha Project, Młynarski Project, and Lana Del Rey Cover Band, among others. He collaborated with: Z.B.U.K.U, Opole Gospel Choir, Coffee Break, Dziubek Band. Michael also is creatively realized in his own bands playing modern improvised music. He is the guitar and band play teacher in Wroclaw spaces: TONY of the sound base, Yamaha Wrocław Music School.

All pictures presented on this website are made by Mirek Emil Koch.